Best Shoes for Disney World to Complete Your Disney Trip

Are you planning to take your family to see “the Mouse” of Disney next weekend? I believe it will be an unforgettable trip with lots of memorable moments. Do you know Disney world is a world that will drain your energy to the last to explore everything there? What you have to move around? It’s your feet and the shoes you put on.

Besides setting up a whole day in the park, don’t forget to bring the most comfortable shoes to walk you all day long without getting your feet sore. It is never excessive to consider a pair of snug shoes. We have seen people hurting their feet with poor quality shoes thus ruining the whole trip. Disney park is large. You can’t roam around with disqualified shoes.

Gladly, we are here with a real deal of 10 Best Shoes for Disney World to invest in. The collection includes shoes for both men and women as well as children. Trust us! You will be thankful when you take one of them on the trip.

Best Men’s Shoes for Disney

Best Shoes for Kids at Disney

Buying Criteria for The Best Shoes for Disney World

Walking at Disney World is an endurance game whose strategy is to peak energy from your feet. A solid pair of footwear will help you clock hours around the Park and keep the pace until the end of the trip.

The whole trip will start at the parking lot to the front gate, imagine if you already got a blister from this distance or your shoes bugged you from walking shortly, what about the entire park? Your cute outfit won’t save you the trip.

Now, we know that a quality pair of shoes is worth the investment. How do we shop in the massive supplement of the market? No worries, there are factors you will see right here to choose the best shoes for Disney world out of the shoe collection.

  • Comfort Shouts Out

The utmost criteria for your shoes should be how comfortable you feel with it.

There will be more than walking you can think of like standing in the queue, climbing up stairs, running in a maze, catching up with the theme characters, jumping, kicking, and everything you can name here involves all of which you can do in the park.

Although most outfits don’t look good with the Keen shoes if you can sacrifice comfort for the fashion, you may not be able to conquer the best parts of the World.

  • Wear Broken-in Shoes

Visiting Disney is not the right time to wear the shoes you bought yesterday. Your feet are not yet familiar with the new shoes. Putting these on will cause blister as soon as you make it to the front gate.

With that being said, you should buy the shoes before the trip and use them a few times to wear out the stiffness. Walk with the shoes for a week would make the strap and inner sole more relax and loosen.

  • Breathable Shoes

Disney World in Florida is under a humid and fairly hot climate, if you wear shoes that trap heat, the last thing you can expect is your feet soaked and damped in sweat but got no way to dry out.

Let your feet feel the air too. Choose shoes that have the upper made of ventilated textile or not entirely closed. You don’t want your feet to get swollen with liquid all over all day; it will overheat your body too; let alone your feet will stink once you slide the shoes off.

  • Pick Lightweight Shoes

Lightweight shoes certainly ease your walk. These shoes don’t put mass on the feet that holding your steps. You will feel less sore and improve your pace’s longevity.

  • Bring Packable Shoes

Packable shoes save room in your bag and won’t bother much to carry around. It also leaves space for souvenirs if you fly from a neighbor state.

  • Back Up Shoes

At this point, you want to bring an extra pair of shoes. We don’t know what will happen, but it’s likely that your shoes may get soaked in the water parks, or torn due to walking pressure, or become too uncomfortable. Also, if you plan on a fancy dinner later, back up shoes would be more suitable.

Walk Around Disney World Without Any Foot Irritation

The entire Disney World is 40 square miles, it is indeed a challenge, even for those who exercise. But if you get well-prepared, nothing can stop you to have the most exciting trip.

You will have to spend almost all day on your feet; chances are walking too much will cause a blister. Even the most expensive shoes can’t save you from this ailment.

Is there any way to prevent the pain? Fortunately, there are ways to treat this blister problem.

  • Wear no Socks

There are two causes of the blister which are too tight shoes and moisture. The first cause can be solved by choosing the right sized shoes to allow your feet to expand and squeeze inside.

Next, you may think wearing socks insulate your feet, but worse, it’s where the moist dwells.

But if you have a habit of wearing socks with shoes, don’t go for cotton socks. Pick the ones made of elastance and mesh to reinforce toe and heel; your feet will feel happy with it.

Also, it wouldn’t bother too much to take one or two more pairs of socks with you. In any case, your socks get wet, you will have back up socks in your bag.

  • Moleskin

This is support material for sports people. They apply it to their foot to prevent a blister, chafe, and calluses.

However, it may struggle amateurs with cutting and wrapping. Nonetheless, the tape is comfortable when you put it on the sore parts of your feet.

Using this moleskin, you don’t cut it too small but go for long swatches so it won’t come off due to movements.

Besides, if you are prone to blister, apply the tape before you leave your house or hotel. Now you are ready for the trip to explore Disney World.

What to Do When You Get a Blister?

After all, if you end up with a blister, first thing is don’t touch it, pop it, or keep walking with it. More impacts will get the wound infected.

The best you can do now is to cover it with a clean pad or bandage. These things should be prepared in your bag.

Or you can ask for help in the Park service centers; there are places you can locate.

Disney First Aid Center List

Just make a quick note to your phone about where to get help in case you get severe accidents during the trip

  • Magic Kingdom – On the Main street between Casey’s Corner and the Crystal Palace
  • Typhoon Lagoon – Behind Leaning Palms
  • Animal Kingdom – Behind the My Magic, close to the bridge to Africa
  • Epcot – Right outside of the Odyssey building, between Test Track and the Mexico Pavilion
  • Blizzard Beach – Next to Lottawatta Lodge
  • Hollywood Studios – Next to Guest Relation’s entrance

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Can I wear sandals to Disney World?

A: Yes, absolutely. When shoes seem to be bulky, sandals bring a great alternative. But we don’t recommend wearing improper sandals to walk around the parks.

Though, we’ve learned our lesson after more than 10 times visiting this theme park. The best sandals you should throw to consider are the ones from Vionic.

These sandals seem to be created only for Disney World, anything from the brand. One of our senior members with orthotics got a lot of support from the Vionic sandals.

They are versatile for daily as well. If you need a nice looking pair of flip-flop or sandals, definitely have a check with Vionic.

  • What shoes should I wear to the Water Park?

A: If you plan on heading to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon or Disney’s Blizzard Beach water parks, pack a pair of rubber shoes, or waterproof shoes with you. You can leave the mesh shoes in the locker and switch to it after the water slide.

We recommend the Crocs Classic Clog to walk around this section. They are light and bendable shoes that can be stuffed in your backpack.

  • Why should I trust this post?

A: We are not writing priceless information that costs our time. We wrote this because we were there suffering the pain. We blog to share first, and we believe our personal experience will score the audience.

It is our passion you should trust; then you will see the value in each of our posts. By all means, we are here to deliver what we think and what we did. We hope you will find them helpful.

  • How long a person can walk in Disney World on average?

A: Our people did 10 to 12 miles, about a half of the area. Our best exercised people made it 16 miles maximum. So, there is no way to cover the whole land in one day. Try your best don’t exceed the energy or you may face physical shock.

  • What should I prepare for a December trip to Disney World?

A: December means Christmas and the most colorful Disney of the year. The climate is Florida this time is not too hot, so, there are a few things to brings along on your trip:

Put on shorts and sweater if the cool wind makes you feel comfortable, or else, you can go for jeans or light dress. The temp in Florida will rise during the day, you can wear a hat and sunglasses to avoid bright sunlight.

A swimsuit if you plan to go to the pool when the temperature is warm enough. Do have a coat and scarf with you. The morning and night in the theme park are cool, even cold. It would not be nice to walk in the cold in the middle of the park.

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