Best Shoes for Hairdressers Reviewed & Rated

A hair stylist’s job can do so much more than giving everyone an amazing makeover. Along with providing the beauty services, it is important that you encourage the customer’s confidence. You can do this by interacting with the customers with a positive attitude and exchanging engaging stories.

As a result, anyone who’s got excellent services from an enthusiastic stylist will be most likely to become a regular at the salon. Moreover, happy customers will introduce the salon to their friends, meaning you will get more appointments. This will be a great help to your business.

To make sure that you and your fellow hairdressers can keep up the good energy, there is one factor that you should take into consideration: the hairstylist sore feet problem.

The main cause for this is that hairdressers spend most time standing during working hours. This will put a lot of pressure on the feet, leading to overly strained muscles. It has become the all-too-familiar pain in the industry.

You will feel uncomfortable because of the pain throughout the day. It would be difficult for you to concentrate on delivering the services and ensure that your customers are happy.

But we’ve found the ultimate solution for you. We’ve done the research and come up with the list of 10 best shoes for hairdressers. In this article, you will also learn more about how you can decide on the ideal pair of shoes. Let’s dive into the details now!

Best Men’s Shoes for Hairdressers

What You Should Consider When Buying Shoes

There are no particular shoes made for hairstylists, but you can make good use of the shoes in the market thanks to a detailed plan on what you should keep in mind when choosing among the wide range of footwear. We’ve narrowed the various factors down to 5 main ones below:

  • The Shape of Your Feet

The shoe size is an essential part, but as a hairstylist, the first thing that you should do is understand the shape of your feet and what type of shoes would be suitable for them. There are 3 types of feet shape:

Low-Arched Feet: Also known as Flat Feet. You can determine whether you have this shape by observing the arch of your foot, or the ligament that runs along the bottom of your foot. If you see that its position is very near to the ground, then you have the low-arched feet.

For those with this feet shape, you will tend to have considerable muscle stress and problems with the joints. You should have straight flat shoes to reduce pain and muscle strain as much as possible.

Medium-Arched Feet: You can also call this the Neutral-arched Feet. You can confirm that you have this shape if your feet aren’t overly-arched. This may sound like a less troubling shape, but in reality, it is prone to heel pain.

Your proper shoes would be the sturdy midsoles or cushioning. They can provide extra comfort and ease the stress.

High-Arched Feet: You can recognize this shape quickly thanks to its distinctive arch that is high above the ground. This means that it will make the least contact with the surface comparing to the other two shapes.

High-arched Feet have excessive pressure on both forefoot and the heel. It would be best for you to choose the footwear with layers of cushioning or pads to boost shock absorption. Shoes with arched design at the bottom part can make up for your feet’s lack of contact with the ground, too.

Now, if you’re still unsure about which arch type you have, you can use this simple method. It involves only a piece of cardboard and a bottle of water.

Start by pouring the water on your foot, make sure that it is completely wet. Then, step on a piece of cardboard. You can put on a little pressure to have a clear result.
If your footprint is noticeable, it is safe to say that you have flat feet.

If your footprint is still visible, but the arch is missing the center part, then you have medium-arched feet.

If you can hardly see the whole footprint, only the heel and toes appear clearly on the cardboard; then you have the high-arched shape.

  • Lightweight & Airy Material

A lightweight pair of shoes makes it comfortable for you to move around with it, especially when you have to switch between the customer’s chair and the tool cabinets.

For hairstylists whose workspace is rather small and convenient, you will need extra insole support. Shoes layered with cushion would be the best shoes for standing. They may add a few inches to the total height of the platform, but they maximize the level of comfort ever since you start wearing them.

The ability of shock absorbing is determined by the quality of the barrier located in between your feet and the surface. This part can come in handy if the floor is entirely made of concrete, without getting carpeted.

Another thing is that the shoes should be fabricated from materials that allow a high level of air ventilation. You wouldn’t want the sweat to become a bother.

Some footwear lines, such as sneakers, have the mesh that runs along the sides of the shoes. It can meet the expectations of airy materials.

  • Closed-Toe

Accidents are unpleasant, but unfortunately, they can happen even at the moments when you least expect them. Exposing your toe and forefoot raises the risks of unpredictable injuries that may occur during the work progress: spilling hair bleach, dropping heavy or sharp tools, etc.

So, shoes for hairdressers should be closed-toe to protect the owner from all kinds of threats.

Closed-toe shoes can provide full coverage for your toe and feet’s upper part. In the worst scenario, you might spend the whole morning to wash the chemicals off of your shoes, or you might have to send them out for repair. Still, it is always a lot better than suffering the physical pain.

  • Comfortable Support

Depends on the design, for example, the shape, material and sole, you may wear one particular pair of shoes that are one size smaller or larger than your regular size.

Although the size may be different, your expectations of the shoes are the same: they should support your feet effectively. In other words, the best beauty salon footwear shouldn’t cause pain to vital points such as the toe and heel.

Make sure that the shoes aren’t too small or too large for your feet. It is advisable that you try out the shoes carefully before buying. Try out various options to test your comfort and walkability.

You can wear shoes without the socks, walk around to see if there’s anything you don’t feel right about the size. Then repeat the same process with the socks. This method is suitable for those who have the habit of wearing socks, or for those who live in areas with cold weather.

If the shoes have laces, remember to pay attention to the details. The laces shouldn’t hold down to your feet too tight, but they can’t be too loose, either. Adjust the laces until you are confident with walking in the shoes.

  • Stylish Design

Though the stylist’s shoe category has certain limitations, there is no doubt that you can still have fashionable shoes that match your style perfectly. The shoes combine style and comfort. After all, keeping up with the current trends is necessary for the beauty industry workers.

Did you know that the shoes for hairdressers can act as an alternative to high heels? Their platform adds the extra two inches to your height thanks to the layers of cushioning. Plus, the wide heel can ease the pressure on your feet, which means it won’t cause you any discomfort.

If you’d prefer the minimalist design and yet, you would like to increase the support level, purchase orthotic devices. You can place them in between your foot and the platform of the shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got a question? Our experts have collected the top questions that most consumer would most likely have. We’ve provided the best answers for you. Check them out below!

  • How Often Should I Buy New Shoes?

You should buy new shoes once a year. This depends on how well you preserve them. When you make sure that high-quality shoes don’t get much considerable damage, they can last for a very long time. The fabric may get worn out but the sole can still in good condition.

However, if the platform gets slippery whenever you land a step on the floor, then it’s high time you buy new footwear.

A smart plan would be having at least 2 pairs of shoes. You can switch them up every day, and one of the two pairs can be a backup if the other one has any problems.

  • Should I Wear Socks Along With The Shoes?

Gravity does not only add pressure to your feet and strain your legs’ muscles, but it also has a negative impact on your blood circulation: your blood will get stuck in your veins instead of getting pumped back up to your heart. The pain in your feet and legs will become unbearable.

Despite the fact that the best shoes for hairdressers may meet the pain-relieving standard, they don’t have much effect in making sure that your blood flows smoothly. This is why you need to wear socks, particularly, compression socks.

They can increase blood circulation, maintain the continuous flow and lift the pressure off of the veins.

Now, you might be thinking of the thick, old-fashioned socks with plain colors. The good news is that socks for hairdressers can come in colors and texture that look exactly like regular socks. There are stockings available, too.

  • Is There a Suitable Pair of Shoes for Pregnant Hairstylist?

Yes, there are shoes that are comfortable enough for pregnant hair stylists. Choosing the footwear might be easier because the list of best shoes for pregnant hairdressers has only two candidates: the closed-toe flats and the boots with extra layers.

When you’re pregnant, you’re going through a lot of pain: your back hurt all day long, your feet are swelling to the point you feel that you can’t stand up straight for more than a few minutes. It would be terrible if you have to endure the pain from standing too long at work.

For the flats, you shouldn’t jump into conclusion and choose any type of flats that you see. Of course, it has to be the closed-toe one, and one more essential factor is that the flats must have to cushion. This means you will have an additional balance and comfort.

As for the boots, it is suggested that you wear the ones with pads on the inside. This can warm your feet and ease the swelling. The platform must not have heels. And finally, the material of the boot should be soft fabric, which offers room for your feet to stretch and relax in.

One extra tip is that you should choose the shoes that are significantly larger than your regular size. This is due to the swelling feet, a side effect that every pregnant lady will have.

  • Why Should I Trust This Guide?

We are hair stylists who work busy days just like you. Therefore, we understand how difficult it is to keep offering excellent services despite the hectic work pace and long hours of standing. We wrote this article in the hope that it could become a great reference for you.

What makes our guide trustworthy is that we’ve personally tested the products listed above. We’ve hand-picked each pair of shoes after careful considerations. The reviews are entirely based on our own experience.

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